Do you need content developed for a website, a deliverable, or a blog? Are you transforming analytics into prose? Collating ideas from multiple sources? Or do you just want something really well-written? 

My writing takes all forms of original, branded content including website and brochure copy, RFP responses, corporate collateral, internal and external business communications, speechwriting, ghostwriting, blogs, presentations, and social media identities. I produce work for a range of clients, from David-sized to Goliath-sized organizations (Our Labor of Love, Smilebooth, Unlimited Visibility Lighting Design, Luminocity Entertainment Division, American College of Rheumatology, Cox, WIRED Insider, and Google, to name a few). I also work for individuals. Size really doesn't matter to me. I'm a word wrangler for hire.

My technical writing includes the transformation of analytics to narratives and the distillation of policies and procedures for templates and manuals. I am also trained as an attorney (which just means I have legal jargon down to a quiet science). It's no superpower, but it can help in many a pinch.

My blog writing has appeared regularly in multiple online media outlets:

Be You Media Group

• The House of Yoga;

• elephant journal;

 Rebelle Society;

 Atlanta Lifestyle Blog--Best of Atlanta; and

• Love's Labors Found

When I write, I deliver an exactness of expression that derives from a lifetime of training in language acquisition, mastery, and manipulation. My expertise lies in the ability to understand the rules, their nuances, and their limits. My gift lies in the confidence to play at the margins in order to bend those rules and forge new pathways for communication and understanding. 

When you hire me to write for you, you engage a confident explorer of subject matter and of intention. I eschew assumptions. I challenge perspectives (respectfully). I believe the only stupid questions are the questions not asked. I research. I share information. I see multiple possibilities. I raise the bar.