You have needs. I have goods.

You need a writer who will summon exactly the right words and the precise tone both to ground your ideas and give them flight.

I bring the brains, savvy, wit, chops, and just the right amount of irreverence to give your copy edge.



You need a spatial planner and organizational consultant who will craft tailored solutions to enhance your live and work spaces and transform them into welcoming and productive environments.

I bring a true understanding of your challenges because I've spent my whole life creating and defining living and work spaces to complement rather than constrict freedom of movement.



You need a project manager who will engage creative strategies and processes to deliver high-functioning systems for the success of your project.

I bring a bounty of muscle memory when it comes to processes and procedures through my rich history of managing, producing, and overseeing live events, residential and commercial real estate ventures, and corporate organizations.