Who I Am.

Allow me to introduce myself. My parents named me Sarah, and, in some circles, I have earned the moniker "the Dreamweaver." My educational background has yielded fluency in three languages: English, French, and Law. My experiential background has honed this language fluency and encouraged its engagement in solutions-based analyses and applications for individuals and businesses in three major service areas.

What I Do.

My areas of expertise fall into three major categories of services: 

  • Writing
  • Space Planning and Organization
  • Project Management

What makes my services unique is that I bring all these areas of expertise to bear, regardless of the service selected, when I work. The solutions I craft are often drawn from multiple disciplines and repurposed to meet a specific need.

How I Work.

I Spin Function Into Flow.

Not unlike Rumpelstiltskin, whose rise to fame hinged on his ability to spin straw into gold, my special gift is spinning Function into Flow. [Unlike Rumpelstiktskin, however, I will not demand for your firstborn child as payment for my services.]   

Whether I am writing original, branded content for an RFP response, designing and creating a functional workspace in a home, or producing a breakout session where salespeople learn how to use a newly-minted mobile device, I craft my product to exceed the confines of Function, where Flow is known to supervene.

How "Flow" and I Define Each Other.

If an object is functional, it is adequate. But if an object is at once functional and tailored specifically to your needs, it is compelling. When something is compelling, you use it not just because you need it; you use it because you enjoy using it. And then your use of it exceeds your need for it. When that happens, I call it "Flow." 

Flow motivates me; it drives my initiative, and it transmutes my work from useful to enthralling. Flow is what differentiates my work from others' and gives it unique value. And when I bring Flow to your project, it will do the same for you.